Food is one of those life pleasures that cannot be easily replaced by another temptation. It is fun to try new recipes, to smell the distinct aroma of certain foods and herbs wafting from your stove, and to sit down to dinner to allow your taste buds to revel in the heavenly dish you have created.

It is still possible to enjoy food this much even if you are trying to incorporate healthier meals into your diet – however, it can be more difficult to plan, prep, and prepare these healthier foods. Sadly, eating better is often more expensive than the alternative.

For individuals that lead busier lives, having the time to shop for food, prep, cook, and eat in a timely manner is nearly impossible, especially when attempting sustain this lifestyle for weeks and months at a time.

You may have heard of food delivery services such as Blue Apron that provide their subscribers with delicious meals delivered straight to their front door – but do services such as these offer healthier options?

If you want to subscribe to a food delivery service that is recognized as being a leader in healthy food, check out these options:

Indie Fresh

This service is sugar-free, dairy-free, and even gluten-free. They offer one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and two snacks for $49 per day. One of the menu items they are featuring now includes a vegan black bean burger that is accompanied by coconut bacon, truffle mayo, and brussel sprouts.


Not only is Gobble healthy, but it’s fast. Their meals can be created in ten minutes using just one pan, which cuts back on wasted time spent cleaning dishes. Their prices start at $56 for four meals. One of their popular menu items of the past was soba noodles with miso salmon – how delicious does that sound?

Terra’s Kitchen

The best thing about this food delivery service is that there are 30 featured meals that you can choose from every week – perfect for when you are cooking for a picky eater! Meal prices vary based on the ingredients you choose from, but it costs an average of $10 per serving. One menu item that caught my eye was one of their vegan options – spicy sofritas burrito bowls!