Nutritionists study and implement health ways of living every day. People often wonder what a nutritionist eats in a day. While everyone’s diet varies, there are several food items that most nutritionists are known to stay away from.

Processed and/or Canned Meat or Cheese

Any product that has to sit on a shelf inherently requires a good amount of processing in order to protect against microbial growth and contamination. Canned meats and cheeses are no exception. Not only are they heavily processed but also high in sugars, preservatives and thickeners.

Diet Soda

Diet sodas are something else nutritionists stay away from. Nutritionist Keri Glassman says that “those who are drinking diet sodas are most likely looking for that sweet taste without the extra sugar and calories. Unfortunately, that sweet taste comes with sugar cravings and increased caloric intake throughout the day.


Salami and other processed meat contains additives, artificial colorings, small amounts of poor quality meat and trans-fats. Such ingredients can be detrimental for our health as they can increase our cholesterol levels, and only provide us with empty calories. Instead of a processed meat like salami, go for a fresh cut of meat.

Egg Beaters

An egg substitute contains over twenty ingredients, including egg whites, coloring, vegetable gums, maltodextrin, spices, and vitamins and minerals native to egg yolks. While the product is marketed as having all of the goodness of a whole egg, nutritionists understand that an actual egg is the way to go.


Nutritionists typically avoid Splenda at all costs. This additive is marketed as a “natural” product because is made from sugar. However, this statement is misleading—because sucralose does not exist anywhere in nature.

Nutritionists are some of the pickiest eaters because they understand what is good and bad for their bodies. Most nutritionists avoid eating processed meat or cheese, diet sodas, salami, egg beaters and Splenda.