Shaliza Somani

Vivacious and outgoing, Shaliza Somani enjoys exercising and practicing healthy living in Toronto, Ontario. She is always on the move, often enjoying the many outdoor activities available to the health-conscious in the city. She has a deep understanding of the effect that exercise and healthy life choices have on one’s mental and physical well-being.

Shaliza Somani’s passion for healthy living began when she was expecting her first child. During this time, she reflected on the things that she consumed on a daily basis, and began researching how to live healthier while pregnant. She committed herself to taking time out of every day to do something that betters herself both mentally and physically.

Recipe blogs that Shaliza uses regularly include Nom Nom Paleo and Oh She Glows:

Health & Nutrition

Shaliza Somani is constantly looking for new healthy recipes and ways to make meals more exciting. Her focus is on ingredients common to a Mediterranean diet – there’s nothing that can’t be improved with high-quality olive oil! – especially fish, nuts, fruit, and vegetables from the region.

Shaliza believes that everyone can make small changes to greatly improve their health and well-being. “The first step toward healthier eating is to stop eating out of a box,” Shaliza says, “start cooking meals yourself, using real food as ingredients. Also, eat more protein in general. It fills you up and helps you build muscle, which burns fat.”

If you’re committed to living healthier, Shaliza Somani recommends reading about nutrition daily. “It keeps you motivated. I suggest reading books on nutrition, such as The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, but even taking the time to read recipe blogs can help you keep a dedicated mindset.”

Fitness & The Outdoors

Shaliza Somani aims to take on a different athletic challenge each day. She is particularly fond of weight training, tennis, running, and spending time outdoors. Exercising provides a natural outlet for her to hit the reset button and work on herself.

Growing up, Shaliza watched her parents work hard to provide a great life for their family – often sacrificing their own personal well-being in favor of their work. This taught Shaliza the importance of finding the right balance between work and well-being and has motivated her to maintain a more active lifestyle.

Professional Background

A seasoned operations executive specializing in e-commerce, Shaliza Somani credits her commitment to health and fitness to her success in the business world. With over 15 years of experience working with internet start-ups, she is well-versed in overseeing all aspects of business, ranging from online marketing and business development to promoting growth and meeting financial objectives.